Residential Sales and Purchases

We specialise in assisting clients with buying and selling property. Wherever possible we recommend that you contact us prior to signing any Agreement for Sale and Purchase to enable us to make recommended pre-contract checks and provide essential early advice.

All of our staff are experienced in residential conveyancing work and can provide you with sound guidance and advice, whether for the purchase of home or an investment property.

Commercial Sale, Purchases and Leases

We offer a comprehensive commercial service which includes the establishment and effective maintenance of companies and other business structures involved in your business perations.This service also includes the sale and purchase or leasing of commercial properties, the sale and purchase of small to medium sized businesses, drafting and advising on Shareholder and Partnership Agreements and assisting in dispute resolution when problems arise.

Separation, Relationship Property and Contracting Out Agreements

Family issues can often be difficult and emotional. Whether you are entering a new relationship or dealing with a separation, we offer a compassionate and understanding service in relation the division and/or protection of your property.


Estate and Asset Planning and Trusts

Our directors are experienced advisers who can review your asset structure and advise on restructuring your property for asset protection or investment purposes. As lawyers with comprehensive general practice expertise, we are able to provide a complete estate plan that provides the best protection for you and your loved ones.

Enduring Powers of Attorney, Wills and Estates

What happens if I am unable to look after myself or make decisions about my personal care and welfare or property? What happens to my assets if I don’t have a Will? These are common concerns for all of us and it is important that measures are put in place sooner, rather than later in life, to ensure that you, your property and your loved ones are protected in the event of incapacity or death. We offer a full spectrum service in this area of law, including preparing Enduring Powers of Attorney and Wills and the administration of Estates on death. We also have expertise in applying to the Family Court for orders appointing a Welfare Guardian and Property Manager under the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988.


Retirement Occupation Licenses

Lifestyle and Retirement Villages offer many choices to intending residents and Occupation License options can be confusing. We offer clear and practical advice on all aspects of retirement and understand the importance of making the right decisions in this later stage of your life.

Refinancing of Bank Loans

If you are thinking of changing Banks or consolidating debt, please contact us to discuss your refinancing requirements. We offer a cost effective refinancing service that can normally be completed promptly.

General Contract and Property Law

We advise both private and commercial clients on a vast range of aspects of general contract and property law enabling our clients to make informed decisions about their affairs.  Our expertise includes advising on and completing residential subdivisions, advising on cross-leasing and boundary disputes as well as drafting, advising on and interpreting both private and commercial contracts.